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Southern Comfort Conversion Vans 300x225 Southern Comfort Southern Comfort conversion vans are the perfect vehicle for long distance travel. All conversion vans typically have upgraded seating and extended leg room. The Southern Comfort conversion van features leather seats with extra padding for an extremely comfortable ride. Captain’s chair seats are fully adjustable so each passenger can relax and enjoy the trip. The ergonomically-designed heated seats soothe stiff backs during long drives. Most Southern Comfort vans also feature a power reclining rear bench seat. The reclined bench also functions as a bed for a quick nap when fatigue sets in.

The raised roofs on conversion vans make moving through the cabin a breeze. Many are also equipped with a sun roof. Southern Comfort conversion vans feature premium remote-controlled LED lighting. The lights change colors and can be programmed to display six attractive themes.

Conversion vans are famous for their built-in entertainment systems. Southern Comfort vans feature Blu-Ray DVD players and flat screen HDTVs. Most units are equipped with wireless headphones, USB ports, HDMI connections and electric outlets. Surround sound systems with sub-woofers are typical. The vans feature CD players, AM/FM radios and inputs for iPods or other electronic devices. With so many entertainment options, the children will be too busy enjoying their favorite movies or music to get bored.

Southern Comfort vans have beautifully-grained wood trim on the interior as well as attractively-coordinated upholstery and carpet. Side window shades and tinted glass provide privacy and reduce glare. Rear backup cameras are available for increased safety when driving in reverse. Many are equipped with a towing package to bring along a camper or boat.

Conversion Van 3 300x225 Southern Comfort Southern Comfort vans are as luxurious on the outside as they are on the inside. Metallic fade paint jobs are common. So are wraparound ground effects and extended running boards for ease of entry. Many vans feature upgraded grilles and wheels to add some flair and flash to the vehicle’s appearance.

The ride and handling of a Southern Comfort van is unsurpassed. The 5.3 liter Vortec V8 engine is the most common motor in use. The vans are equipped with GM’s Stabilitrak electronic system for a smooth ride and safer handling during adverse driving conditions. The vans are flex-fuel compatible to save on driving costs.

The Southern Comfort conversion van is perfect for family vacations. As a second vehicle for the busy family on the go, the Southern Comfort is unsurpassed. There’s ample room to squire children and their friends to the mall or soccer practice. If younger siblings get tired or bored, they can relax in the van while their sisters or brothers partake in activities.

It functions equally well as a business vehicle. Clients will be suitably impressed when they are picked up at the airport in a Southern Comfort luxury van. Realtors and prospective buyers will appreciate the spacious interior as they visit properties all over the city. The elegance of a Southern Comfort conversion van will set a tone of success when entertaining important business contacts.

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